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Five top tips to protect your personal data 

43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. With technology continually evolving and cyber criminals rife in our society, it’s important to make sure your valuable personal data is protected. Read our top tips to ensure your personal data is safeguarded.

1. Change the default credentials of your devices

Your passwords and usernames shouldn’t be the same for multiple locations. For example, your Twitter password should be different to your email and banking passwords. Always use a varied combination of passwords for each new login. Complex passwords up to eight characters can still be hacked relatively easily. Instead, try putting a few words, numbers and special characters together. Have a read of our World Password Day blog for further advice

2. Keep on top of software updates

If your device or software has an update, you should always install it. Manufacturers will use their updates to fix any new bugs or security vulnerabilities they have identified. Newer operating systems and software updates are more secure and include features to maintain security.

3. Install anti-virus and keep it up to date

Computers and other devices are all susceptible to cyber-attacks. Having anti-virus is the first line of defence for your device. It will regularly run scans to make sure your device is protected from viruses. Keeping it up to date will ensure it is always working to protect your laptop.

4. Think before you click or open anything

When it comes to your computer, you are the first line of defence. If you see something that appears suspicious, do not open it. You can protect your device from viruses and unwanted scams by being wary of what you click. Hovering over the links in emails and pop ups will give you the chance to check it before you open and, if it seems suspicious, the advice is simple – don’t open it!

5. Have multiple backups of your data

Backing up your data to multiple places will mean it isn’t just stored on one machine. You should have multiple backups that are stored in separate locations and should be automatic to ensure your backup is always up to date. Making sure you regularly test your backups will be peace of mind that your data is stored securely.

Protecting your data and keeping your computer secure are of paramount importance. If you’re looking for the right IT solutions for you, see what SMY IT Services can offer.

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