About Us

At SMY IT Services we use technology to make you more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Together, we can drive your business forward.

We know the market – and we know you

SMY IT Services are a high-quality IT solutions, cloud and consultancy provider who harness the power of technology to make your business more profitable.

Technology is everywhere – and it is a power you must utilise. Our expertise and determination to ensure that technology impacts positively on your business are what set us apart from our rivals.

We are dedicated to bringing our customers the best solutions, while understanding that no two problems are the same.

While some IT providers guide their clients in a certain direction dependent on their own bias, we approach every job on its own merits. We understand the cloud is not for everyone and neither is on-premise computing. We work with you to identify the best options to meet your business goals.

Smy IT Services provide bespoke IT support to their clients.

Bespoke IT services

Our experts boast a wide knowledge base and confidently handle and advise on any situation. Not only do we use the very latest technology, but unlike our competitors we boast a wealth of business experience. This acumen and business nous sets us apart from our competitors as a result.


How technology can positively impact your bottom line

At SMY IT Services, we work hard to ensure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to training and market trends. We advocated cloud type email and infrastructure platforms long before Office 365, Azure and Amazon Web Services were even conceived.

In short, if it will work for your business, we already know about it.

We believe our own success is tightly linked to yours and we are determined to grow alongside you. In other words, SMY IT Services guarantee we can meet your needs today, tomorrow and in the future.

Want to talk through your specific needs? Speak to one of our team now on 01473 557203 or email  info@smyservices.com


Testimonials from our clients

“Jonathan is a professional and personable expert in his field who I have worked with on many a project. His in-depth knowledge in every area makes him the best engineer I have worked with to date.

In addition to his great work and great work ethic he also managed to squeeze in training whilst on the job. Great engineer, hugely recommended.”
Nicholas Hicks, Head of IT at Sanctuary Personnel

“A concise and intelligent thinker with years of experience and knowledge, enough so to leave you in awe.”
Elliot Frost, IT Manager at Seven Resourcing