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Cybersecurity Services

Risks exist both internally and externally, so it is vital you know the threats so we can help you stop them. Get protected and ensure your business does not become a victim.

Security risks don’t start and end at your office door. Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, for small and large businesses alike.

Your data, your productivity and your knowledge are probably your most valuable assets. There are people out there who might want to destroy everything you have worked hard to build.
So it is time to protect your business with the best shield available to ensure you do not become a victim.

Why SMY IT Services?

At SMY IT Services we have a team of cybersecurity experts on hand to keep your business safe.

We go the extra mile to ensure your business is safe from both external and internal threats – from malware to phishers.

Cybersecurity services we offer

We use the very latest technology to protect our clients from viruses and spyware, using the best firewalls on the market.

Our sophisticated systems block and quarantine unwanted emails, minimising the risk of phishing or Trojan horse attacks on your business.

Our expert team can also help recover corrupted, deleted or unreadable data which pose a risk from both external and internal threats.

Home and public Wi-Fi can provide easy access for malicious actors. For those working from home or practising remote working, our solutions help keep data safe and secure.

We can help encrypt your devices, from mobile phones to USB drives and create a barrier to data thieves. We can also implement tracking and remote wipe facilities to ensure data never gets into the wrong hands.

Security is key and you need to do everything possible to protect your most vital assets.

Concerned about the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of your business? Learn more by contacting SMY IT Services today.

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