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Do you know what your Microsoft Secure Score is?

Ever wondered how your IT security holds up?

In this day and age, cyber security or computer security, is one of the most important processes in place to ensure that your business can continue to function.

Therefore, you need to make sure yours is up to scratch. If not, you’ll be at risk of viruses, malware and spyware making its way through your systems. This could result in a loss of data or even fraud.

This year, Microsoft have introduced a ‘Secure Score’, which essentially measures how good your security is. It’s basically like a credit score for your IT security!

How does it work?

Microsoft Secure Score can analyse what Microsoft Office 365 applications you use (for example your Exchange email) and then looks at your settings and activity. Secure Score then pairs these up against their own Microsoft guidelines to give your business a score.

Depending on what applications you have, your usage, location and level of risk, the score will be out of a certain number. The highest you can have is 822.

Here’s an example for you:

Every company’s score is personalised depending on numerous factors. In general, the higher the better – but you should be striving to hit at least 65% of your target score.

Furthermore, Your Secure Score will tell you what steps you can take to improve your score and how to reduce your risk.

Surprisingly, you will most likely already have the security features you need to improve your score.  A lot of features are often included in Microsoft Office 365 packages.

How do I find out my Secure Score?

If you have admin permissions for an Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise subscription, you will be able to access your Secure Score on the Microsoft website. If you don’t have an admin role, you won’t be able to access this.


Not sure how you can improve your Secure Score?

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