Ekran data - 69% of business have experienced theft of sensitive data

Introducing Ekran System

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looms, understanding who has access to a businesses data is increasingly important. If you believe that this could be an issue for you, we can help!  We can introduce you to Ekran System. It’s a screen recording, user monitoring/reporting and auditing software for both internal and external threats in your workplace.

What does Ekran System do?

Provides customers with an efficient, easy-to-use tool which addresses all monitoring needs as well as meeting security audit requirements.

When thinking about security, you might not necessarily think about your own employees being a threat. In 2016, 69% of surveyed businesses said they had experienced theft and corruption of sensitive data caused by internal users. These employees could be doing it for malicious intent, but it is also common for the individual to be naïve and impressionable.

Ekran System can record all privileged user systems and is capable of both application and internet monitoring. It can also provide several in-built access management tools. While still obeying industry rules and regulations it enables complete visibility into your IT infrastructure. The Ekran System can also be used to alert your security about potentially dangerous actions as they occur. A security specialist can block a user/ dangerous action if needed.

It also has the option to create complete video records of every user screen as well as activity details.

What are the benefits of Ekran System?

– Control and visibility of user activity
– Employee monitoring
– Third-party providers and contractors monitoring
– Suitable for businesses from all industry types
– Easy record archiving
– Quick incident response
– Enhanced record process protection
– Compliant with regulations
– Affordability

How can I get more information on introducing Ekran System to my workplace?

If you’re interested in adopting Ekran System, contact Smy IT Services and we’d be happy to help. We know the importance of security in your IT systems, and we are committed to giving you the best protection.

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