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Risks exist both internally and externally. It is important you know the threats so we can help you stop them. Get protected and ensure your business does not become a victim.

Security risks exist both internally and externally in business.

Your data, your productivity and your knowledge are probably your most valuable assets. And yet there are people out there who might want to destroy everything you have worked hard to build.
So it is time to protect your business with the best shield available to ensure you do not become a victim.

Security solutions

We offer a range of solutions to ensure your business’ security:

  • We install the very best firewalls available to block any attempts to get into your systems.
  • Viruses and spyware are rife – and they can bring companies to their knees. We use the very latest technology to protect our clients.
  • Email can be a weak point in your business’ defence – but not anymore. For that reason we use a sophisticated system to block and quarantine spam.
  • Data loss – whether it is corrupted, deleted or unreadable – is a risk from external threats as well as your own staff. Therefore by using the most dynamic systems available, we can mitigate the risk.
  • Screen recording software can be installed which protects the business from errors and mitigates potential future risks.
  • Emails can be intercepted and viewed by unwanted sources with relative ease. But adding an encryption will stop this and protect your data.
  • Remote working is becoming more common. If your staff log onto their home Wi-Fi or that of the local coffee house, your data could be at risk. With our remote working solutions, we can make sure we keep your data safe and secure.
  • Encryption on all devices from mobiles to USB drives is a must. We can also supply centralised management to enable tracking and a remote wipe facility.

Security is key and you need to do everything possible to protect your most vital assets.

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