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Data Archiving

With our archiving solutions, you can move your data into a long-term storage system and keep it secure.

Your business experience and sector knowledge are your power. It is a valuable asset to your business. And now, with our archiving solutions, you can store your data securely and easily as well as being able to access it whenever you want.

But storing large amounts of data can pose several risks. Archiving is important for security reasons, especially at a time when cyber-attacks and data breaches are becoming more frequent.

Losing your data can be catastrophic for your business and cause a whole host of problems. This is where SMY IT Services can assist. We can help eliminate that worry with our bespoke data archiving solutions. They can be tailored for your business’ exact needs.

Data storage

Storing and managing vast amounts of data can often be tedious, problematic and a big issue, and the risk of losing invaluable data can cause a lot of stress. However, safely storing data does not have to be difficult.

Our data archiving solutions are simple yet effective. They provide you with a simple and effective way of ensuring that old and current documents are stored safely and protected.

Keep your documents safe and secure

We know that your data is a huge asset to your business and keeping it safe at the same time as being able to access important documents is vital. That’s where we can help.

We can advise on the best way to achieve a fully searchable data storage system you can rely on. This is somewhere you can store your more valuable data and be safe in the knowledge that it is secure.

Think of it as your business’ own intelligence library; it does not have to be at the forefront of your mind but is always there when you need to access it.

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