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Consultancy, Projects & Strategy

What sets SMY IT apart from our rivals is our deep knowledge of business as well as our technological expertise. We have the experience to help your business build for tomorrow.

What sets SMY IT Services apart from our rivals is our deep knowledge of businesses. And that is in terms of both how they operate and what they can do to improve further.
We have extensive technological expertise that we can use to help you reach your business’ targets. We have the experience to help you build your business in line with your identified development goals.


IT is an incredibly vital tool and one which can be used to help your business achieve great success.
We see and understand the bigger picture. Our business acumen and experience is something we are proud to utilise to help your business secure growth.

A successful business’ needs and aims will develop over time. For that reason, we can identify when and how your technology requirements will change as well as what will be effective in getting the desired results.
The IT sector is constantly evolving, and we are on hand to spot the opportunities that will improve your business and help it become more profitable.


We can help your team to plan and implement a wide range of projects to help you capitalise on the very latest technology.
Our service levels are stringent. And we never miss a deadline.

Our team of IT experts have many years of experience on how to apply technology to a business structure to achieve the desired outcome.
We can work alongside your team to adapt or improve existing systems and increase productivity, reduce costs and maximise the return on your investment.
Or alternatively, we can work as a virtual IT manager; whichever is of the most benefit to your business.

SMY IT Services’ consultancy service involves detailed, strategic planning of how to get the best results from your investment.

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