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Regulatory bodies are there to help protect your business – but they are not always easy to deal with. We have the experience – let us help.

Regulatory bodies are not there to catch you out; they are there to help and protect your business.
Ensuring your business is in line with compliance regulations does not have to be a burden. And that is where SMY IT Services can step in. We have experience of dealing with regulatory bodies, so if you are in need of some expert advice, we are able to help you.


A compliance breach can be devastating for your business – in terms of costly financial and sales data losses and leaks in private client information. That is why governments and regulatory agencies have put regulations in place to help businesses improve their information security.

But we also understand that while compliance is extremely important, your focus has to be on doing what you do best.
Our programme uses robust testing to prove compliance and make sure your business is meeting every requirement. So, let us develop an exhaustive compliance strategy that will ensure we meet all of your responsibilities.

Strict processes and regulations

At SMY IT Services, we follow strict processes to mitigate any risk that your data could be lost or compromised. We understand the strict regulations you may face regarding your data as well as your clients’ data.
Our experts will ensure to the best of our ability that your technology does not put you in breach of these regulations.

SMY IT Services regularly work with a number of regulatory bodies including the Data Protection Agency, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and the Financial Conduct Authority.
Our experience means we know and understand all of your obligations as a business.
We also keep up-to-date with the changes that go on within regulatory bodies and what that means for your business and compliance strategy.

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