Cloud Computing

The traditional office is evolving – it is time to embrace the cloud. If cloud computing is the best option for you the possibilities are staggering. Don’t get left behind.

We understand cloud computing. Migrating from your traditional model can offer agility, better performance, reduced costs and easier maintenance. But the real beauty of the cloud is the freedom it offers you and your business. Imagine being able to access, share and utilise your data from any device, anywhere with or without an internet connection.

By moving data and applications off-premise and on to the cloud you are using a tried and tested way of working – this is a model used the world over with great success. So, don’t worry you are not about to plunge into the unknown. In fact if you use services like webmail, Dropbox, iCloud, Spotify or Netflix you are already using the cloud.

Now is the time to act. In the coming years almost every business you can think of will move some or all of their data to the cloud. You need the power the cloud offers to improve your service levels, productivity and reliability. The cloud could be the engine of your growth.

Migrating is an exciting opportunity – but we also recognise you might be sceptical. Don’t worry – SMY IT Services will be with you from beginning to end. We are experts at planning your migration with minimal risk. Our team will plan your adoption using a phased, granular approach to make sure there is minimal impact to your workforce.

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Don’t take our word for it, see what are our clients say

“Many thanks again for all of your work getting us up and running in the cloud and getting us organised, another happy customer.”

- Karen Cotton -