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Introducing Ekran System

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looms, understanding who has access to a businesses data is increasingly important. If you believe that this could be an issue for you, we can help!  We can introduce you to Ekran System. It’s a screen recording, user monitoring/reporting and auditing software for both internal and external threats … Continue reading Introducing Ekran System

Cloud computing 101: What you need to know

You might have heard the term ‘cloud computing’ being bounced around from various IT specialists and adverts. If you have no idea what it is or how it works, this article can help fill in the gaps for you. You are probably already on the cloud without realising it! Cloud computing is the delivery of … Continue reading Cloud computing 101: What you need to know

How our Microsoft Silver status will benefit you

Due to our expertise in the cloud, we have once again received the Microsoft Silver Partner accreditation. As a result of this, we’re one of only a handful of providers in the UK which has the experience and competence to deliver first-class cloud solutions. How does this benefit you? A Microsoft silver accreditation is awarded … Continue reading How our Microsoft Silver status will benefit you

What it means to be a Microsoft CSP partner

Whether your business is already utilising the Cloud or you are only just considering it, ensuring the company who provides your IT support is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner can give you added security and reassurance that you are working with reputable professionals. But what does being a Microsoft CSP partner really mean … Continue reading What it means to be a Microsoft CSP partner

Explained: Cloud IT Acronyms

As computing revolutionises the world, a tremendous amount of confusing acronyms have popped up. Here SMY IT Services explain the most common ones you might come across: SaaS (Software as a Service) SaaS is software on-demand. As a result, users can subscribe or rent software, centrally hosted software on a pay-as-you-go basis. Office 365 and Salesforce … Continue reading Explained: Cloud IT Acronyms

Windows 10 – First Thoughts

After all the anticipation and hype, Windows 10 has been on the market for a number of months. There are an assortment of new features and a range of welcomed system improvements as you would expect from Microsoft. This includes the return of the much loved Start Menu. Windows 10 has generally been well received … Continue reading Windows 10 – First Thoughts

Microsoft CSP Partner

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider programme gives SMY IT Services the ability to directly transact with Microsoft for services such as Office 365 and Azure at a wholesale level. Many companies still have their production servers onsite and not in the cloud. For some, it is a justified business need, but others are unaware of what … Continue reading Microsoft CSP Partner

Microsoft Silver Certification

Smy IT Services has received the Microsoft Silver Partner accreditation for its expertise in Cloud and Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions. We’re one of only a handful of providers in the UK with this accreditation. This means we have both the experience and competence to deliver high quality cloud and hybrid cloud based solutions. SMY … Continue reading Microsoft Silver Certification

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